Hi! We are a community of music-loving friends.
We are The Note Well.

Our Mission: Make music better with people, and make people better with music.

Alice started The Note Well in 2010 because she loved meeting musicians and listeners at live shows, and wanted to do more with the power of connecting people who love music.

Since then, we have been building an international community of friends who want to listen. Through our events and communications, we offer access to new music and new conversations that you might not have without us.

You might know us as the folks who made up Speed Listening, but we are so much more! We give out cake at festivals, increase merch sales, and organize fake athletic activities.

We are a group of friends who found each other through a shared love of music and meeting people, and all volunteer our time to run The Note Well. We would love for you to get involved -- please contact us!

Partners and Supporters